Loving Where You Are and What You Already Have In Life

Loving Where You Are and What You Already Have In Life
February 22, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

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Clients come to me because of lack: lack of income, lack of success, lack of enjoyment, lack of solutions. This feeling of lacking or not having enough is what keeps me so busy with my coaching work. Believe it or not, much of my work is not about helping clients get more of what they want, per se. My work involves helping people see what they already have so much of and getting them to love it before making deep and lasting change.

The folly of the majority of mankind is not realizing the potential of what we presently have. We’re disillusioned into believing we don’t have enough, so we waste our time and lives distracting ourselves with division, negative feelings, and actions that never seem to fulfill us. We also unconsciously allow others to to profit off this feeling of lack and manipulate us for their own personal gain. This is one of the reasons why we get into emotional ruts, thereby putting off our own self realization and fulfillment.

Yes, life can and does get tough and unbearable sometimes. The circumstances in our lives can overwhelm and consume us so much that all we want is out – out of everything and onto something new. How, however, can we get out if we feel and believe we don’t have enough or any of what it takes to get out?


“If you do not seek anything from without, you are complete, you are entire, you are perfect. The moment you start desiring something from outside, trouble starts. You have already descended from the throne of an emperor and become a beggar. And once you are a beggar, it will be very difficult to find the throne again. The world is vast and desires take you far away.”

— Osho


The Keys To Moving Forward by Loving What You Already Have:

1. Take An Inventory

The first step is to take a detailed inventory of all that we currently have, not just what we lack or think we need.

When I meet new clients, it’s common for them to want to change everything about themselves and their lives right away – this include changing things that already work. We’re so hard wired to see what’s wrong that we trick ourselves into believing nothing is good at all. This plan can be confusing and time wasting.

Instead, I get clients to take stock of the abundance in their lives by seeing what’s good, what works, and what helps us at the present moment. By doing this, we create a new way of seeing everything. As a result, we’ve taken off the veil of disillusionment and can now see the opportunities that stand presently before us.

2. Embrace & Appreciate

Embracing and appreciating is the second step as we accept and value our current resources and life position, ultimately making peace within ourselves.

After we take stock and realize what is good and what works, we can make peace with our current situation – fully aware of the “good” and the “bad” in our lives. The signs of being in this place is feeling more calm, less judgmental, and inspired by our life’s present opportunities. We stop judging ourselves for our lacks and present material limitations and start accepting and seeing the value and potential in our current situation.

When we know what works and what’s good, clients tend to realize they have much more going on for them than they initially believed and embrace their lives with gratitude. It’s empowering to know that we have enough in the present moment to get to the next step.

3. Transform & Maximize

Transforming and multiplying what we already have is the third step in the process of personal and material transformation. This step challenges our creativity, resourcefulness, will, and paradigms.

Transforming what we presently have takes work. We’re required to ask ourselves, “How can I see this situation in a different way?”, “What’s available here?”, “How can I maximize the opportunities without compromising my values?”, and “Where can we go from here?” With these questions, we’re refreshing our perspective and figuratively seeing things with new eyes. Judgement goes out the window, because we’re not assuming conclusions, but opening ourselves up to new possibilities and options. The world suddenly feels limitless.

Awareness of our paradigms, our resources, our dedication, and creative abilities challenges us to grow and recreate ourselves and our lives a new as we embrace the present moment and everything we have in it.


There is a peace in knowing we have exactly what we need and a joy that comes from loving what we presently have. We realize that we are fulfilled and that our lives are abundant. We have nothing more and nothing less than what we need right now.   We can then transform our present situations and resources as needed.  As a consequence, we’re no longer changing just to change, but rather seeing the utility of change as a result of our own awakening.

Do you ever feel like you never have enough? How do you challenge yourself to appreciate and transform what you have?

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