10 Things To Stop Saying About Money, Part 3

10 Things To Stop Saying About Money, Part 3
March 14, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

8. Rich people are horrible people.

When we say that rich people are horrible people, we’re associating wealth with negative beliefs. These negative perceptions perpetuate negative feelings about money and we trick ourselves into thinking that if we’re rich, then we must have done horrible things to get rich.

Just as there are poor and average earning people who do dishonest and abhorrent things to get money, power, and attention, there are wealthy people who do the same thing. Not everyone who is poor and average earning is despicable and horrible, the same can equally be said about wealthy people.

Good people can and do get rich. Money isn’t what makes people do crazy things; Making money (or the lack of it) the motivation to do hurtful, self-serving things is the problem. Associate good feelings and love with money that acts as a tool to spread love and good feelings, and you’ll attract money and disassociate negative feelings with wealth.

9. I’m terrible with money!

It doesn’t take a genius to know that labeling oneself as a terrible money manager is a self fulfilling prophesy. When we think and believe that we don’t have what it takes to manage our funds in order to make them grow, we make decisions and attract situations that confirm these presumptions.

It’s as if we’re closing our minds to the great potential to our financial prowess. Sure, we can be ignorant about the present state of our finances and we may be ignorant to the opportunities for wealth , but these things can change when we tell ourselves we can handle our finances with ease. When we believe we can get our financial lives in order, we attune ourselves to the opportunities that seem to suddenly reveal themselves and we find the motivation to take appropriate action.

10. I’m broke!

When I think of people who have said this expression over and over again as if they were a broken record – and even as sarcastic jokes – these people are STILL broke! Constantly saying, “I’m broke!” – just as saying “I”m terrible with money” – is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Even saying “I’m broke!” as a joke is dangerous business. Pretending as if it’s OK to be in dire financial straits as well as giving others the impression that we have no idea how to manage our money is a slippery slope. Who wants to give money or offer financial opportunities to people who admit – even jokingly – that they’re bad money managers?

If you’re broke, then focus on saying, “My financial situation is constantly improving.” Give confidence to the universe that your financial will change and that you can facilitate that change with confidence in yourself. When you have confidence in your money management abilities, others will follow suit.

What are some negative things you’ve heard yourself or others have said about money? Share your thoughts with me and other readers in the comments section.

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