Reflections of a Life Coach: Courage To Make Dreams Come True

Reflections of a Life Coach: Courage To Make Dreams Come True
March 30, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
– Walt Disney

Courage. Some have it, some don’t. We’re all capable of having it. Do you have it?

Sometimes, I like to think that I help my clients tell the story of how they made their dreams come true one week at a time. Each week, we carefully craft the story with ideas and inspiration, implementing the strategies slowly and surely like writing the plots and twists of their very own tale.

When a coaching client comes to me, they know they have a dream that’s worth pursuing. They have hopes and desires, but they have, for a long time, believed that dreams only come true in fictional stories or to those who are deserving enough.

The thing is, we can all make our dreams a reality. It just takes courage to go from simply imagining to living our wildest dreams. For most, courage – the ability to do things that scares us – isn’t something that is gained overnight. It takes a gradual conditioning of the mind and spirit to believe that we could actually slay dragons and fight our demons. Through developing confidence, or faith, we take on the small steps of familiarity until we take bigger and bigger risks while venturing into the unknown.

Courage is what demands creativity, consciousness, and connectivity with the world we live in and the stage from which we tell our stories.

Do you have courage? When was the last time you employed your courage to make a dream come true?