Discussion: Do Parents Make Better Managers?

Discussion: Do Parents Make Better Managers?
April 4, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

A Southwest Interactive Conference raises the discussion on parenting and employee management.

I recently heard about an interesting panel discussion called “Moms vs. Management: Parents Make Awesome Managers,” at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in March. The panelists included top managers and parents from Hot Studio, Google, Pixar, and SAP.

The panel lead by Maria Giudice, CEO of Hot Studio, notes how tying parenting skills with management skills to get great results. While the panelists make it clear that children are not employees and vice versa, they point out some of the similarities in people management such as communication and active listening, disciplinary measures, and the challenges of cooperation. To Listen to the Panel: Visit SXSW.com


What are your experiences with parent managers? Do you agree that parents make better managers?