10 Feng Shui Tips for Love

10 Feng Shui Tips for Love
April 25, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I have a fun table book called Feng Shui Dos & Taboos for Love written by Angi Ma Wong, the bestselling author of Feng Shui Dos & Taboos.

Here are 10 Tips for inciting more love and romance into your life from Angi Ma Wong:

1. Don’t use any preserved or dead flowers or plants in your bedroom.

2. Do use red as an accent color to increase passion in your bedroom.

3. Do keep your sleeping area very personal and private area, away from quests and children.

4. Don’t overdecorate with too many flowers (either alive or images) in your bedroom.

5. For Men: Do create a “female-friendly” bedroom if you’re a man.

6. For Men: Do hang pictures of apple blossoms in the East to bring a beautiful woman into your life.

7. For Women: Do decorate with peach in your bedroom if you’re a single woman, for this is the color that attracts a good man.

8. For Women: Don’t illuminate the NW corner of any room, as this may attract untrustworthy men into your life.

9. Do add red or deep purple judiciously to your bedroom to increase passion.

10. Do use light green linens on your bed if you want more children.

Source: Angi Ma Wong, Feng Shui Dos & Taboos for Love