Honoring Where You Are In Life

Honoring Where You Are In Life
June 20, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Some of my first time clients are very anxious and ready to move onto the next phase of their career or personal life. They’ve got their sights so much on the future that they can’t seem to appreciate where they are and what they’re presently doing. All this does is create unnecessary stress and misery.

So, what can we do to make the most of where we are in the here and now so that we can move forward in a positive way?

Appreciate Where You Are

I remember a second time client who came back a year later unhappy with where he was in his life and career. He illustrated his life and career situation to me and all I could ask him was, “Are you aware that you’re exactly where you wanted to be one year ago?” He was dumbfounded by the honesty and the truth of his situation. We are always where we want and need ourselves to be. Sometimes, the situation isn’t always pleasurable or easy, but we can be sure that yesterday’s actions got us here today.

Remember to a time where you wished to be in your present situation. Take a moment to relive the desire and the aspirations of the person you would become and the live that you would eventually lead. Be grateful that you realized your hopes and desires and feel peace that you can change your mind and life once more into a new direction.

Learn The Lessons

More often than not, we arrive in situations that demand us to learn from our choices. We are faced with the challenge of expanding beyond our normal scope of thinking, feeling, and acting in order to become better versions of ourselves. This means humbling yourself so that you can take in new information and make adjustments to your way of being.

My young professional clients often have to go through internship positions or take on subordinate positions in order to learn the ropes at their new jobs. I ask my clients to humble themselves from wanting to believe they are better than their “underling” role and stay away from the ideas that they don’t need to do the “demeaning” or boring work that their managers require from them. I ask my clients to dive into their work in order to master the tasks and the rhythms that make up their jobs because what they do today sets the foundation for tomorrow’s greater responsibilities. It’s not always easy, glamourous, or even highly recognized, but learning essential lessons and skills along the way are a part of our constantly evolving learning process.

Look To Serve

Often times, we are placed in a situation or place in life to serve others. Serving others is usually the fastest way to learn and improve upon ourselves.

When we’re not sure of the reason why we’ve gotten ourselves into a situation or how come we’re going through what we’re going through, the best question to ask is, “Who can I help during this time?” Whether we’re helping our spouse get through a tough work situation, or dealing with family problems, or even being of service to friends and neighbors, life will reveal its lessons through our serving experiences. Quite simply: we get where we we need to go when we help others get to where they’re going.