7 Quotes On Gratitude

7 Quotes On Gratitude
July 2, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

There is so much to be grateful for in life. Friends, family, opportunities, even our life’s difficulties lead us onto better situations and better ways of being. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to say your thanks. Make it a daily ritual with these inspiring quotes on gratitude.

1. Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. – Aesop “Androcles,” Fables, tr. Joseph Jacobs, 1894

2. Most people return small Favors, acknowledge middling ones, and repay great ones with Ingratitude. – Benjamin Franklin. Poor Richard’s Almanack, April 1751.

3. If we meet someone who owes us a debt of gratitude, we remember the fact at once. How often we can meet someone to whom we owe a debt of gratitude without thinking about it at all! – Goethe. “From Ottilie’s Journal,” Elective Affinities, 2.4, 1809, tr. R.J. Hollingdale, 1971

4. There is a built-in sense of indebtedness in the consciousness of man, an awareness of owing gratitude, of being called upon at certain moments to reciprocate, to answer, to live in a way which is compatible with the grandeur and mystery of living. – Abraham Joshua Heschel. Who Is A Man? 6, 1965

5. Don’t kneel to me, that is not right. You must kneel to God only, and thank Him for the liberty you will hereafter enjoy. – Abraham Lincoln. Remark to a newly freed slave in Richmond (Virginia), April 1864. In Francis Fisher Brown, The Everyday Life of Abraham Lincoln, 3.16, 1887.

6. No gratitude is felt for a benefit when it has lingered long in the hands of him who gives it, when the giver has seemed sorry to let it go, and has given it with the air of one who was robbing himself. – Seneca The Younger. “On Benefits” (2.1.2), Moral Essays, tr. John W Basore, 1935

7. Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit because gratitude is a burden and revenge is a pleasure. – Tacitus. In Machiavelli, The Discourses, 1.29, 1516, tr. Christian E. Detmold, 1940.

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