10 Famous Quotes About Work

10 Famous Quotes About Work
July 26, 2012 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Work. We all have our thoughts and opinions on it. Some wake up dreading the work day and others look forward to the contributions they’ll make towards a project. Whatever you feel about work, take a moment to reflect upon some thoughts by other famous workers.


1. Work is effort applied toward some end. The most satisfying work involves directing our efforts towards achieving ends that we ourselves endorse as worth expressions of our talent and character.  – William J. Bennett. The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories, 5 (introduction), 1993

2. Let each produce according to his aptitudes and his force, let each consume according to his need. – Louis Blanc. French Socialist writer. Organisation du travail, 1840

3. The dignity of every occupation wholly depends upon the quantity and the kind of virtue that may be exerted in it. – Edmund Burke. A Vindication on the Revolution in France, p. 351, 1790, Pelican Books edition, 1968

4. Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quite. – George Carlin. Brain Droppings, p. 206, 1997

5. Work smarter, not harder. – Ron Carswell. “Carswell Law of Productivity.” In Paul Dickson, comp., The Official Explanations,p. 33, 1980

6. Work is an extension of personality. It is an achievement. It is one of the ways in which a person defines himself, measures his worth, and his humanity. – Peter F. Drucker. Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, 17, 1974, abr., 1977

7. We work to become, not to acquire. – Elbert Hubbard. A Thousand and One Epigrams, p. 30, 1911

8. It’s not work, if you love what you’re doing. – Steve Sears. Personal communication, 8 October 1988

9.  There is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poen. – Booker T. Washington. Atlanta Exposition address, 19 September 1895, Up From Slavery: An Autobiography, 14, 1901.

10.  Work is the price you pay for money. – Anonymous