Seek The Divine In Others – Putting Down Our “Us Versus Them” Mentality

Seek The Divine In Others – Putting Down Our “Us Versus Them” Mentality
February 7, 2013 Leslie Juvin-Acker

When we’re passionate about something – a cause, a group of people, an idea – and get caught up in the midst of working towards a goal it’s easy to forget that while we may be on the opposite side of an issue, we and our “opponents” are on the same path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. We may have differing views and ways of being, but we are all human, limited in our perspectives, and prone to mistakes which may or may not come from a place of compassion and love which puts us on all the same level.

The Indian philosopher and spiritualist, Sri Aurobindo once said, Not only to see and find the Divine in oneself, but to see and find the Divine in all, not only to see one’s own individual liberation and perfection, but to seek the liberation and perfection of others is the complete law of the spiritual being.”

When we put down our “us vs. them” mentality and see how things really are – we are all connected and made of the same stuff – we can work toward bridging the gap of our misunderstandings in order to create an environment and dialogue of constructive change. It takes work to rise above our differences and our separateness to see that others are also hurting and growing through the growing pains of being a human being, but we can train ourselves with this kind of mindfulness that can help us reduce the friction between ourselves and others and help us work towards our goals and passions with more peace and compassion.

How do you put down your “us vs. them” mentality? How do you look to see our similarities as humans in order to work more cooperatively?