What Are The Economic Costs of Obesity? Academic Earth Video Explains

What Are The Economic Costs of Obesity? Academic Earth Video Explains
July 12, 2013 Leslie Juvin-Acker

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When I first moved to France, I was in a food culture shock. Gone were the days of drive-throughs (which today are a rare exception save for Quick and McDonald’s restaurants), smoothie shops, and roads lined with fast food chains. As I mentioned in a previous post about French officials are banning ketchup in schools to avert a child obesity crisis, how we are raised to perceived food makes an impact on our lives as a whole. While the French are battling their own rise in obesity, the risky food culture in western nations begs one to wonder the social, health, and economic costs of obesity.

The topic in question isn’t about image – in terms of accepting and loving one’s own body image – but rather calculating the costs of how what we eat can make us sick and unhappy. Academic Earth explores some interesting statistics in relation to education (knowing what is healthy and what is not for the body) and income (how much we can afford quality food in relation to our salaries). Being intertwined, understanding why education and income makes a big difference in our food choices on our long term quality of life.

Check out this short video on the economic costs of obesity and come to your own conclusions.

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