New Year’s Resolutions: Approaching Actions with A New Attitude

New Year’s Resolutions: Approaching Actions with A New Attitude
December 31, 2014 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Resolutions are a wonderful thing if we can keep them, but many resolutions go by the wayside because we have not done anything different with our mindset. – Monica Johnson

All around the holidays and new year, leaders give motivational speeches to their subordinates about making changes, trying new things, and doing better. The new year, a new you, so to speak.

As well meaning as these types of speeches are, it’s common for employees to think it’s all just lip service and rightly so. How many times has a leader preached change and hasn’t actually followed through? No matter the intention, giving lip service without instilling an actual paradigm shift within the team achieves nothing.

It’s one thing to say, we’re not going to compete within the department, instead we’re going to collaborate. We’re not just talking about doing it, but being it. Approaching action with a new attitude begins from within and leaders who preach change must first be change.

Leaders can resolve to make a simple shift of mindset before making any material decisions within the organization. Looking at problems with new ways before simply making changes for the sake of making changes (warranted or not) is the start of making positive and lasting change.

Striving for change is a constant effort of keeping our attitudes in check. Adjusting attitudes, especially when there are big egos amongst senior management, is hard to do and requires long term discipline and, effectively, creating an attitude of humility in approaching attitudinal shifts.

Planned change is not the only kind of change, there’s unplanned change in which businesses are forced to concede to new legislation, market demands, crises, and so on. The flexibility of our attitudes when faced with unplanned (and unwanted) change affects the long term outcome of team success.

The new year doesn’t hit reset on business practices and pervading cultures, but the new year does act as a symbolic moment to hit reset on our attitudes.