Business Review: Skype Fitness Training Sessions with Ana Nieto of Turtle Shell Health

Business Review: Skype Fitness Training Sessions with Ana Nieto of Turtle Shell Health
April 4, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I met Ana Nieto, a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist, while she was doing promotion with the Movement Lab’s Owner, Susan White, at the Encinitas Health and Wellness Festival. Ana is a trained nurse and a SuperSlow trainer, too.

Being a postpartum mom, I was curious about her business Turtle Shell Health and her high intensity skype training sessions, and after talking with her about my situation, she offered to give me a try to share with you, my readers. I was actually surprised as to the efficacy and convenience of skype training. Remember your fitness resolutions at the turn of the year? Well, no excuses with Ana and Skype training sessions!

How to get started with Ana Nieto
Ana asked me to fill out a questionnaire that asks to provide a basic health history, physical issues she needs to know about, and my fitness goals. I filled it out and emailed it back to her.

Ana started off by explaining the concept of high intensity workout and its benefits. She then went over my questionnaire to better understand my fitness needs and how her training can benefit me. She then asked if I had any questions or concerns.

Getting the formalities out of the way, Ana then explained how to set up my space and where to position my laptop so that she could see me during each routine. Set computer on a chair and put it in a room with enough space and a wall. She’ll continue to guide you to move the computer during rest breaks between each routine. Ana does recommend certain exercise equipment, but it’s possible to use what you already have at home. I used my exercise ball, yoga mat, and two ten pound weights.

My Skype Training Session with Ana

Ana showing me how to correctly position my body and weights

Ana showing me how to correctly position my body and weights

After introducing me and getting me set up, she then took me through a series of high intensity moves, with several repetitions, lasting 2-3 minutes working deep on large muscle groups. Immediately, I felt the burn and with just 6-7 positions lasting about 40 minutes total, Ana guided me with a full workout.

Ana works on the areas that I wanted and helped me maintain excellent posture and movement as well as breathing to ensure that my body was getting the most with as little movement as possible. Customized for your needs, her routines are concentrated, powerful, and effective. She focuses on larger muscle groups, so you get the most bang for your buck in each training session.

The key to her fitness routine is about slow movement. It’s not about hammering in a ton of reps or speeding through a workout. It’s like the tai chi of fitness – nice, slow, strong, and concentrated. One would be fooled into thinking that slow is not effective, however they would be greatly misinformed.

I felt my muscles burning as they worked. My legs and arms started to shake and my heart rate was elevated. It wasn’t long before I was hot and sweaty. My back and neck felt stronger. I was groaning through the routines and there were points that I felt that I couldn’t make it, but despite being at her home through Skype, she was able to follow me through my reps and help me correct my position so that I wouldn’t injure myself. Needless to say, what you get in a gym, you get in the comfort of your own home with Ana and without having anyone else watching you sweat and groan your way through your workout. And, you get to skip through the awkward locker room moments. It was super just jumping right into my tub with a nice salt bath to soak.

Post Workout Reflections:

Ana Nieto Turtle Shell Health Skype Sessions LJAI didn’t feel sore or tired at first. I felt a deep work in my muscles, stronger, and energized. While I was in agony for pushing myself and groaning because of the burn, but I was stoked to get down to places that I hadn’t worked since before getting pregnant with my two babies.

However, within two hours, I still felt the deep impact of the workout in my muscles. I was walking around slowly. Just eating dinner afterwards, lifting my arms to eat was a challenge. For three days after the workout, I was sore – really sore. But it was a good sore. Places in my back, specifically in the middle, where I usually have knots were gone and my hips felt open and my legs felt relaxed instead of tight. Overall, I felt strong and balanced. It was a refreshing feeling – once the soreness wore off!

Ana knows what she’s doing. She watches your moves and keeps you in positions that don’t cause injury or pain and challenges you realistically within your capability while pushing your limits to take your physical performance to the next step. She does so with a positive attitude and some humor. It’s clear her knowledge meets her passion.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about how effective skype fitness training sessions would be. But as a busy full time mom and working mom, I knew that I should give it a try and see what Ana has to offer aside the traditional gym workout. Considering the amount of time to get organized, get on the road and parked, and then set up in the gym, the concept of a Skype training session is actually quite time and resource effective for people who want to be healthy and fit – no matter where in the world you are.

Sessions with Ana at Turtle Shell Health are not cheap but, boy, are they worth it. For those who do have gym memberships and access to trainers already or are athletes (surfers, cyclists, golfers, snowboarders, etc), a meeting with Ana every few months to freshen up your routine would just take your current workout to the next level.

For those who want to get back into shape with a fitness routine that has the most impact without having to exercise everyday, Ana says that this type of training is beneficial once a week and in 30 minutes. Really, though, I had never experienced a fitness routine that was this effective and nor received training from someone as knowledgeable and passionate with a high level of expertise. I have taken many classes over the last ten years and tried and continue to do a variety of routines and exercise philosophies like yoga and pilates, but this is the first time that I was not only impressed, but surprised by the efficacy.

How To Find Ana And Get A Free Consultation and Session
In addition to private Skype training, for those local to North County San Diego, she offers training at Smarter Exercise at 543 Encinitas Blvd Suite 104 in Encinitas. Call Ana at 858-465-0013

Stay tuned… I’ll be posting an interview with Ana tomorrow!Turtle Shell Health San Diego Flyer