Interview with Ana Nieto of Turtle Shell Health

Interview with Ana Nieto of Turtle Shell Health
April 5, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

What got you into personal coaching and teaching? What values and vision do you wish to bring into the world as a result of your work?

As a kid I always wanted to help people. I was not sure in which way yet and thought at first about becoming an ophthalmologist just because I needed glasses since I was 3. Later in life, I wanted to become a physical therapist but ended up studying nursing. My personal trainer career started by chance, right after I move to NYC from Spain. I started as a client at a personal training studio practicing the technique I specialize in- Slow Speed High Intensity Training. I achieved really unexpected results in my body: I went from a size 8 to a 6 training once week for 30 minutes in less than 3 months, I felt the strongest I have ever felt and my posture improved dramatically as well as my athletic performance. That was the reason why I decided to specialized in this technique and teach people about it. Later on, I studied nutrition and other holistic practices so I can help my clients not only be in the best shape they could be physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Why skype coaching? What are the benefits to remote training? What does a client need at home for training?

The idea started a few years ago when I opened a personal studio in NYC but never took place until I moved to San Diego last year and some of my clients from NY wanted to continue training with me. I think that a lot of people nowadays have very limited time to exercise, others don’t really enjoy the gym environment, exercising from the convenience of your home with someone that come guide you, correct your form and push you to the intensity you won’t be able to achieve on your own, it is always beneficial.

What makes your training different to all of the others in the world who offer the same service? Some people subscribe to workout websites. Why should some people choose to work with you as opposed subscribing to a fitness website?

I care about people 🙂 No, seriously, I do. To me it is more than just the body, being fit and looking good. Given my nursing background, I am very interested in any medical issues they have and how I can help them correct them. My exercise approach is very mindful, always guiding my clients thought the sessions and encouraging to self-observation and improvement.

How does one go about getting training with you? Take me through the process from consultation to the first training session.
I am in the process to develop now right now for Skype training but here are the stages: a)initial consultation that we did today in about 15 minutes but sometimes might take longer depending on the clients needs: we go through health issues and fitness goals; b)explanation of the technique. Before we meet the first time, I talk to them about setting up their “gym at home” and we get connected through Skype.

How much does skype training cost? What value can clients expect?

It is $125-$95 depending on the package they chose. They will get a personalized, intense and very effective workout, in the convenience of their home! I can also teach people for a limited number of sessions if they wish to continue just working on their own.

How can people find you?

My website- I have some videos on youtube that readers can look at as well: