My 5 Favorite Bedtime and Nap Chill Sounds

My 5 Favorite Bedtime and Nap Chill Sounds
June 17, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Ah, sleep. Nothing else can seem to compare to what a good night sleep and nap can do for the soul, let alone the body.

The “Sleeping Psychic” Edgar Cayce had this to say on sleep, “Dreams, visions, impressions, to the entity in the normal sleeping state are the presentations of the experiences necessary for the development, if the entity would apply them in the physical life. These may be taken as warnings, as advice, as conditions to be met, conditions to be viewed in a way and manner as lessons, as truths, as they are presented in the various ways and manners.”

Whether you’re into learning from your dreams or just wanting to get enough rest to get through the day, sleep is essential and it can sometimes elude us. If you ever find it hard to relax or need to prime yourself to fall asleep like I do with meditation, then I recommend some sounds that can help get you in the mood to curl up in bed. Check out my 5 favorite sounds to get you in the mood for sleep.

1. Rain and Thunder
Spending most of my childhood in Florida, I’m familiar to a good rainstorm with some relaxing thunder sounds. It’s one of my favorite soothing and relaxing sounds.

2. French Fantasy
There’s nothing like feeling like you’re in the French film Amélie to go off into a fantastical dreamland.

3. Transcendental Rest
If you’re into meditation like I am, I recommend increasing your vibration and lowering your stress levels with Tibetan singing bowls.

4. Waves of Peace
I live at the beach and when there are no loud cars and sirens passing by, I can hear the crashing waves from my bedroom window. The rhythmic movement of the ocean is like a calming cradle.

4. Wind Beneath The Wings
I have large wind chimes on one of my balconies and it’s relaxing to hear them chime peacefully with the breeze and the birds chirping in the trees.

Leslie Juvin-Acker is the sought after executive coach who uses psychic abilities, emotional intelligence expertise, energy therapy techniques to help leaders understand themselves and release limiting beliefs for complete well-being and personal fulfillment. Leslie serves clients in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Diego and all over the globe.