We Cannot Change Everything By Changing Nothing

We Cannot Change Everything By Changing Nothing
July 24, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Today’s Message From Spirit: We cannot change everything by changing nothing. Change involves being willing to change everything about ourselves, our paradigms, our relationships, and our lives. If you want to SEE change, you must BE changed.

As an intuitive coach, it’s my job to help facilitate change of all kinds: spiritual change, emotional change, financial change, professional change. I get some clients who come wanting to get information, or validation, (depends on how you see it), to get a better understanding of their painful life or career situation. So, I channel information from Spirit, their guides, and their loved ones and point out the uncomfortable truths that need to be addressed. I get the same line of questioning “Why is this person in my life?” and “Why am I going through this?” over and over again – hoping that my answer will change each time I am asked the question. It won’t and here’s why:

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Point blank. It’s that simple.

I can point out a past life pattern that has popped up. I can show you what your ancestors and guides say. I can give you the possible timelines based on the choices you have before you and none of that information is worth a damn if you’re not willing to do the work it takes to fulfill your role as creator of your own reality and put some skin into the game.

In one specific example, I foresaw for an executive coaching client their company going under (and be forgotten – which is worse to anyone who has poured blood, sweat and tears into a successful company) in 20 years if they don’t change their path now. If they were to change their path, they could very well last another 100 years. If you had this much at stake, would you make the necessary changes – no matter how comfortable the unknown may be? This goes for anything that’s important to us – relationships, finances, family, well-being, oh, and our spiritual growth, too (which often goes last on the priority list).

Doing something with intuitive information means making decisions, living and dealing with conflict, handling yourself according to your highest values, and pursuing your vision with drive and dedication. That’s why, in an intuitive reading, I help you formulate some strategies to use this information in ways that are small, attainable, and reasonable, because what good is information if we do nothing with it? It’s useless and it’s a waste of our time and resources to get me to tell you something that literally has no value when it’s not put to work.

After all, life isn’t a spectator sport. It’s a game you’ve got to play. Take it from a coach when I say, get off the bench and get to work!