Paying Dues: Interning with Spirit

Paying Dues: Interning with Spirit
August 22, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I had an amazing reading with a client last night for whom, during an hour and a half, discovered several past lives and a plethora of relationship dynamics to help him/her in their personal life and career. At the end of the session, my client said, “You know you could be charging way more for this right? I mean, this is the best reading I’ve ever had.”

I sighed, chuckled, and said, “I know… but Spirit told me that I had to charge $50 per hour for readings for one year.”

My client replied, “I guess it does make it accessible for a lot of people financially.”

“Yes, and Spirit wants me to get as much experience as possible,” I replied, “I guess I’m just interning for Spirit for one year!”

We laughed.

Its true. My career coaching services cost much more than $50 per hour. And, while I would love to earn more right now, I understand Spirit’s logic. I’m new at being a professional intuitive. Never in my life had I ever before imagined employing my gifts professionally. I thought that what I experienced was normal for everyone else, too, so I didn’t ever think to monetize it. I was reluctant for nearly two years after being told by a professional psychic (who charges $55 for 30 minutes) that I would do this professionally – I thought she was joking, or rather nuts.

I hung up a shingle and the clients come exclusively through word of mouth. I never know how a session will go. I get bits and pieces before a reading – a relative or Spirit Guide will start sending information –  and I’ll get hints as to what color clothes or crystal I need to bring into a reading to help facilitate the client’s chakra healing. I get tripped out when I get a client who has an issue that I’ve read about in a book (especially information from Edgar Cayce’s readings) and get excited when this information is validated by Spirit.

I’m learning tact in how to tell someone they might go through a divorce or lose their business if they continue on their present path, discovering and seeing painful images from a client’s past, learning how to separate their energy that flows through my body when they’ve gone, and employing the meditative and ritualistic techniques to protect myself psychically from random ghosts and energy vampires I happen to cross. I’m learning all of the tips and tricks of an intuitive and, for now, I’m Spirit’s intern. I listen, follow directions, and pay attention.

Those of my peers and clients know this and constantly say, “I better get a reading with you before your fees double!” I appreciate this, but I’m more humbled than anything. Mr J said the other night, “You must feel good when you have a great reading. It must validate your abilities.”

I was hesitant and said, “I’m just happy I listened accurately to Spirit, because a reading can go wrong if I’m not getting the signs correctly. It makes me happy to see my client feeling relieved and at peace.”

The most important thing I’m learning through this “internship” process is to be humble. Any whiff of ego and self-aggrandizement and these gifts become hidden in the shadow of any darkness. I guess, to put it bluntly, the more I have my head up my ass, the less I can see the Light. Humility is the name of the game. Remembering my place in Spirit and in God is the number one part of the job. I’m just a transmitter, not the fountainhead of Divine information.

Until June of 2016, my fees will stay at $50 per hour for intuitive readings. I don’t worry about how my ends will meet because my boss (God) always provides. However, tips are always appreciated. 😉


Leslie Juvin-Acker is the sought after executive coach who uses psychic abilities, emotional intelligence expertise, energy therapy techniques to help leaders understand themselves and release limiting beliefs for complete well-being and personal fulfillment. Leslie serves clients in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Diego and all over the globe.