How Strangers From The Other Side Can Keep You From Going Over The Brink

How Strangers From The Other Side Can Keep You From Going Over The Brink
September 2, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

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Have you ever felt at one time or another that you might lose it all – your sanity, your money, your relationships, your life as you know it? That, metaphorically, you’re standing on the edge of a steep cliff and one strong gust of wind is all that it takes to push you over the edge? I know I’ve been there before and there always seems to be a sign to help me take a step back and, instead of looking down, looking beyond the vista to see life from a whole new vantage point.

Today, a plumber came by to change the faucet on our sink. As he was installing the new faucet, I sensed Spirit which brought my gaze over to his direction. Knowing this feeling before, I asked if there was an entity by him. Spirit indicated that there was a woman who passed away when he was young and said she was a friend who lived on the same street, but did not know him. As I write this now, I realized that this female entity knew his wife somehow. This friend had a message for him.

The message was of abundance. I asked him if he was doing OK for money and to which he replied, “What family doesn’t want more?” This woman was showing me a promotion and opportunities for advancement. He said, “I’m up for a promotion right now.” I told him to push for this promotion, to write down his goals on a piece of paper (as the entity showed me) and work toward them each day, gradually, one little act at a time.

I asked him if his wife was working and he said she was and is finishing up her masters. I told him that should he work toward his career goals, he will be able to support his family on one income and her salary would be plenty to invest and save for their children’s college education.

After hearing this message he said, “This is good to know because we’re on the brink right now.”

Trying to figure out why on earth this woman was coming to him, she finally shared that her husband had been a plumber in life and she identified with his energy. This was her way, as a kindly stranger and good Samaritan from the other side to help this man, on the edge of what he feared to be a personal and professional disaster, with a gentle message to bring him back and refocus his energies into building an inspirational career and life for his wife and three children.

I wasn’t intending to read for this man who came to fix my sink, but Spirit and loving entities (those we know and don’t know) had a better plan. They will come to remind us to stay on track for our highest good in the most unexpected and miraculous ways.

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