How Spirit Helps Us To See Our Professional Blindspots

How Spirit Helps Us To See Our Professional Blindspots
September 4, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker


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The career. It can be a complex and confusing thing to build. Most people, when they think of careers, think about money and how much they can get out of it to do what they really want to do in life. Many look at their careers as this thing that exists outside of themselves that they must feed and water out of obligation, because otherwise, they’ll feel guilty at the demise of this “thing”. Very few turn their actions into meaningful and valuable transactions and have learned to make their lives their work, instead of the other way around.

No matter what our careers mean to us from one day to the next, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees especially when everything begins to feel out of control.

Seeing What We Want To See Won’t Get Us Where We Need To Go

When it comes to having blind spots, it reminds me of something that happened earlier today. I created my monthly newsletter and in it was an invitation to my company’s open house which is simply an opportunity to be in good company and meet other my clients and referral partners, and (not to mention) get a free drink and some snacks. No obligation, just come, see where I work, and be around others who are into the work of an intuitive (career) coach like myself.

I sent my newsletter to someone I know who, for quite a while, has complained about money problems and is in the start of a new career. Knowing that this individual needed the networking opportunity, I invited this person in hopes to give them the stage to meet people in his/her target market. As soon as I sent it, this person was the first to open it and unsubscribe.

I laughed at the irony that this person, who is in need of money, couldn’t see the opportunity to make more of it and messaged a mutual friend about it who said, “We all seem to have blinders in one area or another.”

“In the area where we want change to happen, certainly,” I quipped.

That’s the thing, isn’t it? The area in our careers we want to change the most is where we’re the most blind. That, even when the Universe is handing us an opportunity, we spit at it and say, “Send it back! I wanted it on a silver platter!”

Developing Better Vision To See The Signs That Spirit Shows Us

As an intuitive career coach, I get to see the blind spots in my client’s vision. When a client says, “I don’t know why I totally botched that interview, especially when they were so into me.” Spirit will say, “That job isn’t right for her. Her subconscious was doing everything it could to keep her from working in what could otherwise be a miserable experience.” Even I couldn’t see that coming, but Spirit does.

This is just an example of how we can be totally blind to the gifts of the Universe that is actually doing everything possible to help us along. But we force things to go a certain way, our way. In surfing, we can’t tell the ocean to stop flowing a certain way… we go along with the tide and learn to read the swells in order to catch the best wave. We adjust ourselves to the unpredictable nature of the world around us. So, why can’t we move with our careers in a similar accord?

What usually happens is that the overarching issue is so far beyond our perspective that to see it would require a major paradigm shift in order to reach that level of perspective. I find it quite funny that this information is often so simple that once we see it – or have it messaged to us through messengers like myself – everything suddenly shifts. It’s like when we get into a heated back and forth of I’m right, You’re wrong when finally someone says something so poignantly clear that all we can do is say in dumbfoundment, “Oh… well, never mind!”

Seeing Light At The End of The Tunnel: Getting Ourselves Out of The Security of Misery

Getting an intuitive career reading with me is like that. We get so stuck on how things should be rather than how things could be if we simply strive harder to see differently. And, when someone with a gift of clear sight brings up something so random and left field that it just has to make sense given the craziness we’ve subjected ourselves to for so long, there comes this scared cave man feeling that this truth must be too good to be true that we, out of hesitation and fear of the unknown, must be taking a risk in heeding it, and thus it must be safer to stay in our caves of misery.

They say the truth will set us free, but it’s only the belief in that truth that will set us free. What are we willing to believe about our careers? And, what if I told you that it’s actually possible to shift our perspectives and consequently how we move with the shifting tides of industry as we begin to take on new beliefs? Ready to find out now and clear your blind spot?