How Your Energy Tells An Intuitive That You’re Lying

How Your Energy Tells An Intuitive That You’re Lying
September 15, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I was in Portland in July at a client’s family barbecue. My host, who contracts with executives, and I were drinking adult libations as he was tending the grill when he started asking me about my work and how does Spirit work within the context of career coaching.

I said, “What I think makes me unique is that I work with senior level executives who have a tendency to put up a facade and sometimes lie or hold back information to save face. The thing is, they can’t lie to me when their dead relative who is in standing in the room happens to tell me otherwise. ”

jung resistWith a loud guffaw, he almost spit out his beer. He was tickled pink by the idea of Spirit compelling the truth in order to build strength of character.

That’s the thing, the more we hide the truth, the more our lies vibrate. They vibrate stronger and stronger because we do everything we can to hide and push away the truth. As psychologist Carl Jung said, “What we resist persists.”
With that said, intuitives like myself can pick up the psychic shenanigans because it’s the loudest thing in the room. The simple fact that we force ourselves to hide a lie, we push more energy into our thoughts and actions in order to cover it up. Eventually, our lies vibrate so strongly that even those with low level intuitive abilities can smell the figurative funk.

As a result, if I walk through an office, I can simply walk by someone and feel their energy and, after a while, begin to pick up the truth. It’s caused havoc at one point or another inspiring fear in over the most banal egotistical things that I’ve been unofficially banned from some places, and asked to take meetings or wait outside or in another location.

Curiously, I don’t even have to be in the same area – someone can put up such an elaborate hoax on others that I can sense the happenings all the way from home – it happens mostly while I’m in the kitchen, actually. While I write this, I realize it’s Spirit’s way of telling me that “troubles’ a brewin!” I’ll be in my kitchen and I’ll hear Spirit say, “Uh oh… So-and-so is having an affair… his wife doesn’t know yet… and this person happens to work for him…. she’ll find out within a few months….” I’m not a fool, I didn’t get involved, but Spirit did follow up with me to tell me when the wife found out.

I’ll be in bed – right before I fall asleep – and Spirit will tell me things about clients. Spirit told me that there was a suicide risk with a client. I was so disturbed that I couldn’t sleep and cried the next day, but I was instructed to wait. I wrote down the info and waited until my session with my client to address this information. Without even saying anything, my client confessed to me a prescription drug issue and reported having stopped the medicine. I was floored and showed my client my scribbles. We sat in my office starring at each other with gaped mouths.

That’s how it happens. Our souls cry out for the truth because the truth is fresh air. When we’re not giving our souls that fresh air, it will fight our conscious mind and eventually manifest through a variety of ways in the body (through illness, anxiety, depression, misdirected anger, etc) in order to get us to deal with the hidden truth.

Souls will even tell the truth after they’ve crossed over. One time, I saw someone who told me they saw a medium (someone who channels the souls of those who have crossed over) to talk about their spouse who had crossed over. The medium said their spouse was hiding something in the closet, but my friend couldn’t find anything… here’s the thing, I was able catch the residual information and realize the truth: my friend’s spouse lived as a closeted homosexual their entire life. I didn’t say anything to this person because they were not ready for the truth, but the soul of their loved one needed to get that off their chest to someone on this side who could hear the message.

We need the truth. The more we hide the truth, the stronger the energy will be and those who are sensitive enough are able to pick them up. Whether in a professional context or in a personal one, telling and living our truth is the prime directive. Living with lies makes us spiritually, emotionally, and physically unwell and will, at first, manifest energetically and then physically should we try to keep up the charade long enough. Remember, if you’re holding onto lies your psychic nose will grow, just like Pinocchio!