The Executive’s Best Kept Secret: Intuitive Executive Coaching Demystified

The Executive’s Best Kept Secret: Intuitive Executive Coaching Demystified
September 30, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Ever since I came out recently about being intuitive, it’s as if the proverbial floodgates have burst open. My overwhelming, anxiety ridden fear that my traditional coaching clients would shun me was actually my own fear-based imagination and had no basis in reality. In fact, my business has tripled since coming out. I’ve always had the respect of my clients and peers, but with openly employing these gifts they see me in a whole new light… which has been more like, “Oh, so that why you’re eccentric and intense as you are. Makes sense.” 

Maybe. Who knows. One thing I know for sure is that things haven’t been business as usual and all I can say is that the benefits of applying intuitive work to executive leadership development have increased 10 fold. Here’s just a few ways:


Isn’t it nice to have the gift of seeing things from a plethora of perspectives in order to make the most educated decision for the good of all involved? That, if you have an issue, a close confidant can bring in, from a higher Source, angles that you haven’t previously anticipated or noticed. Having specific information from a Source that exists only to help you operate from the highest levels of professional excellence is not only rare, but valuable. One is able to do better, but actually be better – and it’s great for the bottom line, too, but that’s besides the point.

Relationship Building.

Relationships are the most important part of work and yet, so undervalued. The nuances of a business relationship affect not only performance, but public relations. I have clients that come in struggling to deal with their board or someone else in the C-suite. They worry it’s something they’ve done and that the solution is something beyond their control. What if, the other person on the C-suite is going through a past life issue themselves? What if, they’re dealing with personal issues that coincidentally reflect through the current relationship dynamic? What if, this is an opportunity to help the person instead of deal with the person? There is so much that goes unsaid, but always goes expressed in the most inconceivable ways.


There are times that we find ourselves so bogged down in the details that it’s hard to know where we’re going. Should I go up, should I stay at this level, should I stay here or go somewhere else? These are questions that leaders hear themselves asking in the back of their minds. The paralysis of analysis happens almost every time and I come in to beg the question, What if the only direction was forward?  

Work/Life Balance.

The executives and senior level management that I work with travel at least three months out of the year. They’re constantly running in and out of meetings and dashing from here to there in order to just keep up, let alone lead their departments and companies. What happens is a rut that affects all areas of their life. Spirit has instructed me to work with clients on their marriages, their personal hobbies and other areas to create a highest sense of harmony in their overall life experience. What if, just maybe, you could have your cake and eat it, too?


All of the aforementioned topics mean nothing without a great sense of purpose to drive us. What are we doing with our lives? Why do certain feelings and behaviors keep repeating themselves? What can the patterns of my life tell me about how I am creating my professional and personal experiences? These questions and more are examined within the context of intuitive executive coaching.

Intuitive executive coaching is about creating, first and foremost, harmony. Harmony is a balance between the body, mind, and Spirit. When these three are aligned, seemingly impossible things become possible within the realm of possibility. Executives go from seeing their paths paved in stone to paved in pure, changeable, alchemistic energy.  

The Executive’s Best Kept Secret.

That’s what I’ve been called by some of you reading this. I’m someone who has got extensive diplomatic and business education, coupled with years of career coaching, and just so happens to be able to tap into Spirit’s infinite knowledge (and channel your best friend’s mom who passed away 20 years ago) to assure that you’re not only doing your job at the best of your abilities, but ultimately fulfilling your soul’s purpose today.