KISS: Success Is An Accumulation of Simple Steps

KISS: Success Is An Accumulation of Simple Steps
October 2, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

I was reading a book about Warren Buffet when he quoted his mentor, Ben Graham, say, “You don’t have to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.”

When I read this, I felt like this on the inside: Yes!


We’ve all had times in our lives where things seemed hopeless, endless, and repetitive. There comes a point during that time in which we say, “I’ve had enough!” and dared to do something – anything – else to make a recognizable change.

When we think about what it takes to make lasting, significant, and powerful change – we can really trace our success back to a series of simple acts, that in a specific and unique sequence, add up to create the difference between where we were and where we are now.

Sometimes, we get lost looking for this massive sign, this important something outside of ourselves that just suddenly shifts everything inside of us. We want instant gratification and we want something to tell us now that we’re living life differently (better, preferably).

But what really gets us from good to great (or bad to worse) is our state of mind. It’s the mind set that we say Now and really pay attention to our small steps and repetitive choices. The steps we take are quite simple – getting up out of bed in the morning, calling an important contact, writing an article, driving for an interview – all of these things are banal and benign. But when we arrange the sequence of constants (breathing, eating, sleeping) and variables (anything we can control with our own free will) in our life’s equation – then, and only then, does anything and everything become possible.

When we really think about it, we all live pretty basic lives – we all have to do the basics. But what happens in between the constants is our own choice – our free will, our super power, our ability to change how the sequence goes. We can all live life like it’s Ground Hog’s Day, but there comes a point where we want to make everything, even the constants, better and then we decide to make small, sequential changes in behavior.

Those modern day heroes who change the way we eat, sleep, move, communicate and live are the people who looked at the ordinary things we experience and spent their free will and power to improve them. They looked at their small, banal, boring lives and found ways to make them incredible, first by improving what they already have and then going the extra mile for others in the process.

Big change comes from a series of small actions. With this said, observe every step you take – the small and the big, important and seemingly banal – and find that they all create a path of your own creation. No need to make things complicated: Keep it simple, sweetie.