Loving Life’s Sweet Rewards: Learning To Appreciate Infinite Change

Loving Life’s Sweet Rewards: Learning To Appreciate Infinite Change
October 15, 2015 Leslie Juvin-Acker

Dulce bene. Life’s sweet rewards. Good pasta, sweet cakes; rewards are life’s pleasures of a job well done. Fruits of our labor are the pinnacle of invested efforts. Who are we to know what they’ll be and where they come from? We put in labor to create something, anything, that’s different because it’s the difference that let’s us know that time marches on. What results from our creative experiment is a surprise.

If it’s a good result, then we do anything to replicate the result, and more importantly, the feeling. Like a good recipe for tiramisu. We know it works and feels good, so we repeat it over and over. We foolish humans always try to recapture a feeling and try to do so through replicating the circumstances. We are much more complicated than a mere recipe, but there is a truth to be discovered in it.

While we may have replicated our conditions, it is our experience that has changed. Every moment is unique. However, in this illusion of the desire for “more of the same”, we forget the gift of experience; the gift of of life everlasting.  In the infinite moment we are given the new to experience constantly and without end. It is our attachment to one, infinitesimal moment, experience, and feeling that we use to create our own personal hell.

Those who, with wide open spiritual eyes, can see past the illusion of re-creation. They can and will know the divinity of their human experience. Those who live a routine can see how even while walking the same garden path over decades will see that the path is never the same – and nor is the woman who walks it. Our surroundings, in the most subtle ways, are a reflection of our nature and our world’s natural laws. Anyone who is unaware of this is blind, indeed.

In a tortuous conflict between our reticent addiction to reliving those things which have passed away and our own natural, divine instinct for change everlasting, we are reminded of our duality as humans and Godlings. To overcome this internal conflict is to ascend it. And that is dulce bene.