In My Words: #DRIVE EP 2 with SUPERbrand CEO, Marcelo Bengochea

In My Words: #DRIVE EP 2 with SUPERbrand CEO, Marcelo Bengochea
March 18, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

I had such an amazing time with Marcelo and his team at the SUPERbrand Carlsbad headquarters for my second episode of #DRIVE career web series. My conversation with Marcelo was not only educational on a variety of topics such as leadership, business, and relationships, it was passionate and heartfelt.

What I love most about Marcelo is his energy. He’s got this low key, grounded vibe and with a soft, blue color in his aura it shows – to me, at least – that he’s got a spiritual air about him. Marcelo was open with me from the beginning of our initial meeting about the show and, without any hesitation or sense of self preservation that many executives today have, he opened up his heart and mind, sharing stories about himself that his employees didn’t even know.

The time spent with Marcelo was natural, giving, and full of humor. Some use humor to break discomfort, but with Marcelo, I noticed that he used humor as a part of the playful conversation that, without any effort, drives important and serious concepts home. Some would call this hypnotizing, I call it effortless.

What struck me most about him is that as CEO, he doesn’t hang on his laurels. When a customer meanders into the quiet warehouse on a Friday afternoon, he eagerly leaps from his seat to assist her. Having coached many a director and executive, this grounded and humble persona exuded from Marcelo as a leader was not only refreshing, but exciting to witness. When I say in my interview with Marcelo, I truly mean that he’s redefining the concept of global business today. Approachable, grounded, conscious are just some of the words to describe his leadership persona.

With that said, Marcelo insists he knows nothing, constantly taking advice and insight from his wife, Marilisa, his children, and all of his employees and contemporaries. The wise man who knows nothing is far from a cliche. From my experience as a leadership coach, there comes a point when leaders seek to release the dogma of being an expert and source of wisdom and simply wish to be a channel for the information that can help and foster the growth of those around them. Marcelo embodies this level of thinking through his leadership and for me, this gives me hope that there are leaders like this in the action sports industry.

Altogether, my experience with Marcelo was not only fascinating, but validating when it comes to the level of thought and conscientious rarely found in today’s global leader. If there is something that I’d want to work for and do business with, it would certainly be Marcelo Bengoechea.