What To Know When Working With An Intuitive Coach

What To Know When Working With An Intuitive Coach
April 25, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

We are not the artist; we are the paints and brushes.

Mediums are just that: mediums. When Spirit or loved ones come through – much like an electric current – the neurons in my brain light up and operate the communication parts of my body to say the words and communicate the concepts that come through. It’s like turning on a radio – the radio isn’t the source of the message. It’s only when you turn it on and tune it in that it transmits a signal. When the current is gone, so are the messages.

It’s all in interpretation

Sometimes, friends or clients will ask me what I meant after I’ve channeled Spirit in a coaching session. meant nothing because the thoughts are not my own. I just say what I see and channel the intensity and urgency of the message, but it’s your job to interpret the information.

I can help as best as I can to give you what I think it means, based on my dictionary of life, but at the end of the day – the responsibility and ultimate authority to do something (or nothing) with the information I channel is yours. And, it’s fun to see what comes up, if the meaning is literal or metaphorical as time marches on.

Messages are your business. 

As I briefly mentioned, the messages that come forward are not my own thoughts. I don’t put any special meaning behind them and I don’t take them with me into my own life – unless the message from Spirit piggy backs and addresses a specific issue I have been dealing with (two for one style!) ; a true gift for me!

The deep personal meaning of the messages that I pass onto you is 100% your business. My job is to pass on the message and as a coach, teach you the skills and strategy to help improve your life. It’s kind of like asking your FedEx driver, “What did the sender of this package mean by sending it?” I can try to interpret, but the meaning is meant for you and you alone.

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. – Abraham Lincoln

I probably remember 10% of what comes through for my clients. These are usually key facts or themes that Spirit wants me to remember so that I may educate and impart some knowledge on. If I repeat something, my clients will say, “I remember you saying this…”. I’m always surprised because I sincerely don’t remember. This old radio doesn’t have a recording device, so if something is worth repeating, it’ll come up. If it’s not – it doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.

The difference between Spirit and a loved one is personality

I can always, always, always tell the difference between Spirit and a loved one by their personality. Spirit is very neutral and operates from the highest vibration – the messages and wisdom is clear and concise. Loved ones, on the other hand, have specific ideas and concepts that they want to communicate. Their messages can be biased and have a tone or attitude to them. These entities are always learning – even on the other side – so they’re coming to realizations and communicating their realizations and regrets about some of their past actions (karma). Some times, they want to make amends for their wrong doings and give you peace. Sometimes, they really want to say that they don’t like your son’s girlfriend!

Have more questions? Ask God!

As a professional intuitive, I understand why going to mediums is discouraged in the Bible – and the answer is dependency. I’m not here to help you make every little decision in your life. I’m not here to tell you what everything means. I’m here to empower you to connect with the one true God yourself.

There are times when we’ve fallen away from our God, ignored our intuition, the signs from our angels and have, quite simply, backslid. We have fallen deaf, blind, and dumb to our natural state of being – which is a deep, intimate, and personal relationship with God. I want to reunite you with God!

Be your own advocate and authority.

Our fears and the distraction of humanly desires have disconnected us and sometimes, you truly need the help to get perspective where you have lost it. This is why God put teachers and messengers on Earth to bring you back into the fold. However, there is a dangerous line when teachers become gurus and into positions of authority, slowly taking away the personal power of the individual. My job is to empower you to be your own advocate and authority.

As much as I would love to have lots of clients who paid top dollar, I will turn away clients who depend on me to make decisions. You have to do your own spiritual work for my job to be of any substantial value. That’s why I’m a coach and teach skills and educate on how to do things differently so that you can make decisions and commit to your own ideals – not mine. I’m not a counselor, not a consultant, and I’m not a therapist. I’m a messenger and a teacher – both humble positions indeed.

Education, not information – is key. 

I pass on information and I teach you skills. My specialty is goal achievement and career strategy in the realm of soul and life purpose. There are many, many other kinds of intuitives out there who focus primarily on channeling information – but all of our jobs are to educate and enlighten you so that you may turn that knowledge into wisdom on your own path of growth and personal development. If you don’t feel empowered to do and be better by the end of a coaching session, then you’ve got to reexamine your motivations and intentions. You can be entertained or you can be enlightened. The choice is ultimately yours to make.