#DRIVE Episode 5 Larry Balma – Author of TRACKER – Forty Years of Skateboard History

#DRIVE Episode 5 Larry Balma – Author of TRACKER – Forty Years of Skateboard History
June 15, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

This episode of #DRIVE has been a labor of love and joy for myself. In partnership with Larry and Louise Balma, Allen Carrasco and Josh Simpson we managed to create an episode of #DRIVE that shares business and leadership lessons inside forty years of skateboard history.

Larry takes us inside his barn at his avocado farm in Oceanside, California where he stores skateboarding’s rarest skateboard memorabilia. As co-founder of Tracker Trucks and Transworld Media, we wanted to share the Balma’s story with flare. There is where Allen Carrasco with all of his creative and technical savvy come in.

To help the Balmas expand their reach, Josh Simpson and myself teamed up to help Balmas to create an online site and store to share their unpublished stories and interviews and where fans and readers can buy his book: TrackerHistory.com.

This journey has been a fun one fueled by avocados, Jersey Mike’s subs, and a lot of laughter. I had so much fun getting to know the Balmas, Lance Smith, and teaming up once more with my partners in crime: Allen and Josh.

So, voila – our latest episode of #DRIVE. Many thanks to Chad Mihalick for his distribution at Malakye.com and for spreading the word about such a legendary book about a rebellious industry and dynamic married duo.


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