Who We Really Are And How We Create Our Sense of “Self”

Who We Really Are And How We Create Our Sense of “Self”
September 12, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

We humans create our “self” out of a compiling of separate incidents, weaving together an indelible narrative that explains “who” we are.

WWe are not the choices nor the failed or successful experiments of living. We are the observer, the alchemist, the scientist, the participating observer, but we are not and will never be our experiences, the data, and wisdom gathered through them. We are the energy, through us a thought passes, through the veil of immateriality to be materialized as an experience and feeling.

Our bodies process thoughts from abstraction to concreted physicality. We are merely portals for streams of consciousness that shift at our remembering and musing. We are channels of life everlasting.

Heaven and Earth may pass away but my Word will have everlasting life…