Depression: Seeing Yourself Out of Dark Tunnels

Depression: Seeing Yourself Out of Dark Tunnels
December 12, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

This tunnel I snapped in the French alps 🏞 the winter my daughter👶 was born.

The months that followed, I experienced a deep and debilitating depression ☀and anxiety⛈. The tunnel I found myself in was so dark⚫ and lonely😢 that I realized in its soul crushing heaviness, that I understood why people commit suicide.

I stood at the edge🚧 of hopelessness and was able to be pulled back by the love❤ of my husband, in-laws, and friends. Sometimes, in life, we go through harrowing dark tunnels – doubtful if we can make it to the other side🔚. In these moments, there is an acute awareness of one thing in the sea of uncontrollable thoughts and emotions: ☑choice.

With all the will power and courage, I made one choice at a time, trusting in the moment to carry me🛐 through to the next experience that lessened the vice gripe of loneliness.

So, when a client comes into my office with paralyzing anxiety or buried in a deep depression, I can say in all humility that I, too, have been there and can, with a compassionate heart, help you reach the end of the tunnel – into the light 🌞that you are.



Imagine a long dark tunnel, a moment in your life right now where you are not sure if you’ll ever make it through. Explore the darkness of confusion and fear. Imagine touching the wall of the tunnel, feel the grooves and temperature of the wall.

Notice a glimmer of light and then follow it, still with your hands on the wall. Keep walking, focusing on every step until each heavy step becomes lighter and lighter.

Then, look up and notice that you’re at the end🔚 of the tunnel and someone with a piece of wisdom💫 is there with an envelope in hand🖐. Open the envelope✉ and see what message lies inside.