Belly Laughs: How Laughing Is Good For Your Health

Belly Laughs: How Laughing Is Good For Your Health
December 13, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

When was the last time you had a deep belly 😂laugh? Who were you with👭👫? What did you laugh💥 about?

There are a lot of germs🕷 being passed around during the winter time, mostly due to suppressed immune systems☠. The emotions have a lot to do with physical health. Did you know that laughter decreases stress hormones⬇, boosts↗ immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies?

Laughter😆 triggers the release of the body’s natural joy 🙆chemicals (endorphins) which promotes overall physical harmony♻ and emotional☺ well-being.

If you’re feeling down😣, stressed 😧to the max, or overwhelmed😟 with your life plans🌈, know that a good bought of laughter can not only boost🎉 your immune health, but break you out of a self destructive🌧☈🌞 state of mind.

ℹℹℹPRO TIP: Watch your favorite comedy😅😄 movie🎥. Even a sixty second clip can help energy’s system. Allow yourself to laugh. Lower your⬇ emotional defenses and heighten↗ your immune’s defenses. And, remember when you’re in harmony♻ with your environment🏞, there is nothing to protect yourself from.

Leslie Juvin-Acker is the sought after executive coach who uses psychic abilities, emotional intelligence expertise, energy therapy techniques to help leaders understand themselves and release limiting beliefs for complete well-being and personal fulfillment. Leslie serves clients in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Diego and all over the globe.