Slowing Down & Opening Up To Life’s Answers

Slowing Down & Opening Up To Life’s Answers
December 12, 2016 Leslie Juvin-Acker

It’s Friday… with so much life to live, sometimes it’s hard to slow🚩 down.

I noticed that when I do slow down, take a more mindful look👀 around, the best ideas come to me effortlessly.

I know my entrepreneurial clients have a hard time slowing down and resting because of fear of becoming irrelevant or unwanted or unproductive.

Slowing down can be the best thing to do because answers💡 and solutions can come into greater focus🔬. And, as hypnosis has taught me, greater focus means heightened awareness and heightened awareness means a strong connection🔌 to the invisible truths that lie beneath the surface of symbolicℹ reality.

You might have a full schedule like me – harmonizing being a part time stay at home mom👫, full time entrepreneur💪, and boss woman💁… slow down, smell the roses🌹, give yourself a moment of peace and see what comes into 🔬focus…

ℹPRO-TIP: Ask your subconscious mind to answer a question❓.

Take a nap, have a relaxing tea or coffee☕ break, or just walk around your garden🌱 or neighborhood. Just focus on what you see around you. Soak up your environment.

Let time⏳ and the Universe 🌌to collaborate with your subconscious mind to give your conscious mind the ⚛answer.

Leslie Juvin-Acker is the sought after executive coach who uses psychic abilities, emotional intelligence expertise, energy therapy techniques to help leaders understand themselves and release limiting beliefs for complete well-being and personal fulfillment. Leslie serves clients in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Diego and all over the globe.