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Intuitive Life Coaching Isn’t Fortune Telling. It’s A Classroom For The Soul.

Leslie Juvin Acker Intuitive Life Coach Malibu Los Angeles

Psychic Medium

Leslie is a psychic medium. For her entire life, Leslie has had a gift for extrasensory perception. With her ability to connect to souls that have crossed over, physically see the energy fields of others, and psychically see past lives and future possibilities Leslie helps you release the resistance that’s keeping you from the life you really want.

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Emotional Intelligence Trainer

Leslie is a prolific writer, speaker, and creates videos on how to access your own intuition. As a speaker, Leslie has a humorous and succinct way of motivating and helping audiences listen to and honor their inner voice. Thoughtful, well spoken, highly articulate with a powerful personal story Leslie delivers expert insight into the subjects of spirituality, personal development, leadership and career advancement.

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Highlights of Leslie's Personal and Professional Milestones

Early Life

Leslie was born in the Philippines to a former child prostitute and a U.S. Army and Air Force military veteran. The household was unstable due to the pressures of working poverty that millions of hardworking Americans face each day.

Leslie overcame childhood anxiety and speech problems as a result of emotional trauma to become an award winning speaker at the age of twelve. Leslie’s family was a part of America’s vast working poor and were recipients of a Habitat For Humanity home in 1995.

She worked her own way through college and earned grants and scholarships to attain a bachelor’s of arts in International Studies. Leslie married the Frenchman she saw in a psychic vision marrying at fifteen.

Life In France

She emigrated to France at the peak of the global economic crisis in 2008 and navigated her career as an expat during a recession.

While in France, Leslie developed the 4C Coaching Program, a comprehensive book and guide to transform the career through personal transformation.

Leslie also taught Personal Development and Professional Marketing Materials to MBA and International Trade students at INSEEC Business School in Chambery, France.

Leslie is a mother of two and survivor of a severe case postpartum depression and anxiety. The experience opened up Leslie to her gifts as an intuitive and ushered in the beginning of a new career path.

Professional Summary


  • Leslie is dedicated to helping individuals to fulfill their soul’s purpose with a combination of intuitive abilities and practical career coaching experience.  
  • As an international intuitive life and executive coach, Leslie developed the 4C Program, a book and coaching program that gives tools for goal achievement and job attainment success.
  • She is the sole expert career and leadership contributor to and guest speaker at Malakye Shmooz tradeshow events.  
  • Leslie is host of ​#DRIVE​ web series, a Youtube leadership platform that features leaders in action sports and tells their stories of professional challenge and personal redemption.
  • As an adjunct professor at INSEEC Business School in France Leslie taught Personal Development and Professional Marketing Materials to MBA and International Trade students from France, China, and India.


Intuitive Abilities


Leslie is a medium, can physically see auras, and is able to read past lives, communicates with spirits and spirit guides, and reads past life memories for her clients for the purpose of career and soul purpose development.

She uses this psychic information to help clients see the core root of the common issues they face in their career and personal lives.

Leslie uses energy therapies (EFT, hypnosis, chakra balancing) to correct energetic imbalances that she can physically see within the auras of her clients.


Client List


Clients include celebrity clients and employees of the following notable companies who have independently sought coaching and professional guidance from LJA Coaching:

Salomon, Oakley, Callaway, Nixon, Inc., Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., MAC Cosmetics, IBM, Zodiac, Winn-Dixie, BIC, Florida Blue, The Scripps Research Institute, MCI Group, Navy Federal Credit Union, New York Botanical Gardens, the World Health Organization, Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance, the University of North Florida, Le Cordon Bleu, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Miami International Film Festival, Beeline, Armstrong Garden Centers, Inc.,  HornerXpress Worldwide, Suja Juice, Volcom, Vans.

Education & Training


  • Bachelor of Arts: International Studies (Concentration: International Affairs and Comparative Politics) Minor: Sociology; University of North Florida


  • Certified Career Development Facilitator, National Career Development Association
  • Global Certified Career Development Facilitator

Professional Training

  • Career Development Facilitator Training
  • Energy Psychology
  • Therapeutic Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis

Leslie’s name is pronounced: Lesslee Zhu-vahn I-care

Languages: Fluent in French and English

Citizenship: American and E.U. (French); Leslie has spent ⅓ of her life outside of the United States

Race: Half Filipino/Half Scottish-American



1985: Born in Manila, Philippines on Clark Air Force Base

1988-1989: Leslie’s first brother is born. Moved to USA; Father left the family, leaving Leslie’s mom to raise two children alone in Middleburg, FL.

1990: Father calls for family to live in Vegas, returns to Jacksonville, FL to live in a camper, mother falls pregnant with twins, father enlists in army to provide for the family. Leslie has her first past life dreams and memories of life in between lives.

1991: Twin brothers are born, family moves to Berlin, Germany (two years after the fall of the Berlin wall), Leslie has past life memories of ancient Egypt.

1993: Family returns to USA and lives in a trailer park. Father drives taxis and delivers pizza to make ends meet.

1995: Family is selected to own a Habitat For Humanity Home, Leslie has memories of past lives in Italy and American southwest.

1997: Leslie sees an angel during a domestic dispute.

1999: Leslie has psychic impressions of marrying a Frenchman and living in France; prepares by taking French classes.

2003: Leslie begins college at the University of North Florida.

2006: Leslie meets her husband Franck through

2007: Leslie graduates from UNF with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and minor in Sociology; Moves to San Diego, California

2008: Leslie and Franck marry; move back to their home in Florida due to the recession

2009-2010: Leslie and Franck move to Reims, relocate to Annecy in the French alps for Franck’s first dream job, designing snowboards and bindings for Salomon Snowboards

2012-2013: Leslie gives birth to daughter, Harper, diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety, family envisions moving back to California, Leslie begins to experience more supernatural experiences, begins teaching at INSEEC business school in Chambery, France

2014: Family relocates to San Diego, California where Franck begins his second dream job designing watches for Nixon, Inc., Leslie becomes a certified career development facilitator from the National Career Development Association,  Leslie gives birth to son, Donavon.

2015: Family experiences a house fire, the same day, Franck’s 104-year-old grandfather passed away. Leslie experiences nervous breakdown and opens up to and admits psychic abilities; Leslie reopens her business in Oceanside including intuitive services; begins writing articles for

2016: Leslie publishes her collection of Malakye Picks articles in the book #DRIVE: Essential Advice on Leadership and Career Advancement From The Lifestyle Industry’s Leading Executive Coach and completes writing book 4C IT!: Transform Your Career Through Personal Transformation