The Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Therapist That Leaders Trust

Professionals at all levels, from all walks of life, and all over the world reach out to Leslie Juvin-Acker for spiritual insight into life’s most challenging circumstances, for stress and anxiety relief, and to take home practical solutions for making their world a better place.

Heal Your Emotional Life

With this level of intimacy, clients trust Leslie to help them overcome a variety of issues such as divorce, sexual and physical abuse, deaths of loved ones, abandonment, financial struggles, and self-esteem issues.

Working with Leslie helps to remove the emotional and mental clutter that stands in the way of inner peace and mental clarity.

Leslie helps clients establish a baseline for physical and emotional peace so that the doors to new ideas and inspiration open wide.

Real Results & Lasting Peace

Leslie’s clients continue to return to her because they experience results, feel greater peace and personal freedom, and experience a fuller sense of wholeness in their lives.

Clients put down their burdens and awaken to a whole new world of personal understanding. Equipped with tools for emotional intelligence, clients are able to live their best lives without sacrificing their authentic selves. Suddenly, the world feels safer, freer, and more enjoyable. Clients report feeling engaged in their lives and at work and motivated to be their best selves.


What Part of Your Life Needs Healing Now?

  • People remove hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in just weeks.
  • Executive couples on the brink of divorce come back to marital bliss.
  • People get into the mindset to negotiate pay raises of well over $30,000.
  • Professionals stop smoking as well as other unwanted behaviors on the job.
  • Professionals recover from mental breakdown and suicide attempts.
  • Sales people go from making $30,000 per month to over $170,000 per month in sales.
  • Many individuals recover from grief due to the loss of loved ones.

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