One on One


Core Areas of Focus


If you’re feeling stuck, stressed, worried, or afraid, we’ll focus on energetic balance and emotional well-being. We’ll connect to Spirit, your energy system, and access the higher dimensions for wisdom and insight on your life’s most pressing issues to uncover the blocks keeping you from success. Often, loved ones who have crossed over will make an appearance through Leslie to communicate their insight into your life.

Energy Work

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or down, relax in a massage table in a spa like environment in which Leslie will help you generate inner harmony and heal yourself. Leslie helps you relax and get into a state of meditation with integrated energy therapy techniques to channel Reiki energy, including Acupressure Techniques, Aromatherapy, and vibrational therapy using tuning forks and singing bowls.


Feeling blocked in your career or not experiencing enough money? Leslie will help you improve your relationship with money by identifying your abundance blocks using a combination of energy testing, hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Let go of debt and receive more of what you enjoy. Stop struggling financially and set yourself free from financial worries.

Marriage Foundations

Improve your relationships and get over personal blocks that keep you from collaborating with your spouse or partner. Heal broken cords or cut unhealthy ones for good. Learn new skills for communication, intimacy, and trust. LGBTQ friendly.

To see a further explanation of session types and rates, visit the scheduling page.

Global Reach For A Global Community

Leslie offers energy work, intuitive reading and coaching, and spiritual support to clients all over the world through Skype/phone and traveling to see them.

Leslie also helps clients in the board room by helping them assess executive talent, navigate through global business strategy as well as attend court cases to support her clients. Leslie even visits clients and their family members in the hospital or at home for healing work.

If you have a special case or needs, please reach out to Leslie here.


Available in person, by phone or Skype. Individuals & couples. Single session, half day, and full day appointments.

What To Expect In An Intuitive Coaching Session