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  • Je Suis Charlie: Reflections on How Freedom of Expression Can Cost You

    The terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo in Paris has me reflecting on my own experiences of being attacked for voicing…

  • Reflecting on My Five Years in France

    Reflecting on my five years in France: the good, the bad, and the fleas.

  • French President Hollande Faced with The Harsh Reality of France’s Brain Drain

    While in Silicon Valley, Hollande was faced with the harsh realities of the economic and legal sanctions he has fought…

  • Immigration Denigration: My Experience with Racism in France

    My story on how I experienced racism during a French naturalization interview.

  • 2012 French Presidential Elections Explained by CNN’s Jim Bittermann

    CNN's Jim Bittermann explains France's Presidential elections by using a quiche analogy.

  • 2011 Books In Review Part 2 of 5: French Life

    This week, I'm sharing the 21 books I've read in 2011. Yesterday, I shared the books I've read on the…

  • Photo Journal: A Hike In Heaven

    Photo Journal: Come along with us on a hike and our (mis)adventures through the Semnoz.

  • 10 Thoughts On Autumn

    Autumn is here and it’s slowly giving way to winter. I grew up in Florida and our autumns are called…

  • French Officials Fear Ketchup Will Spoil Youth And Make Them Obese

    Editorial: French officials fear ketchup will destroy the fabric of French culture and cuisine. Really?

  • Why I Moved To France, Part 2

    After giving up my childhood intuition of some day marrying a Frenchman and living in France, I enjoyed my single…